Hire House Painters – Five More Questions to Ask

What are the best ways to choose among many house painters for your house?

1) What do you do to clean up after each day? If your house is small, it might take days or weeks to finish your project. It is important that you have written confirmation that your work site will be cleaned up and organized at the end of each day.

2) Do you offer a guarantee, warranty, or maintenance program? Any good painter should guarantee the quality of their work. While many painters offer guarantees, not all do. It is worth asking. Some painters will provide warranties on their work and offer warranties on the paints they use. Some companies will also be open to returning for repairs within a set time frame.

3) Are there any colors or products you would recommend? High-quality companies or painters can provide advice, tips, and warnings as they are knowledgeable about the latest colors and techniques. A professional painter can also explain the differences between different paints and stains.

4) Are you able to provide references? Any painter worth your time should be able to provide references from past projects. Ask these references about their experiences.

These references can be used to ask questions:

  • What if you could hire the painter to do another job?
  • What was the price?
  • How did the paint last?
  • Did the painters have professional training?
  • Did the paint job get done by the deadline?

Talking to others who have done similar work is also a good idea. If you have a large home to paint, someone who did a little trim job is not going to be able to help.

5) What is the estimated cost of this project? Although cost is an important consideration, it should not be the only one. Low-quality painting is often a result of low bids. You might want to include your budget when you request an estimate for your project. It will be easier to compare bids if all your potential candidates provide estimates based on the same specifications. The estimates can be affected by the size of the project, the type and number of coats used, as well as the paint used. Flexible, hourly bids can be more expensive as the project progresses so a flat rate bid would be ideal.

Professional house painters miami will be able to tell you what is required to complete the job to your specifications. They will also consider safety and speed of completion.

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