How to Prevent Wood Rot from Destroying Your Deck

It is time-consuming and costly to repair or rebuild a deck in West Springfield, MA. While no deck is guaranteed to last forever, a little bit of prevention can help preserve your deck for many more years. Preventing wood rot is the key to maintaining your deck over time.

Wood rot is caused by a fungus which feeds on wood. A few spores can quickly take over your deck, causing it to collapse from the inside. The following precautions can help keep your deck free from wood rot.

Choose the right kind of wood

Wood rot is susceptible to different types of wood. Consider Cedar, Redwood, or Composite decking materials if you are not yet building your deck. These woods can be used to make beautiful, sturdy decks and are resistant to decay. You can also use pressure-treated wood as the substructure (the structure under the deck boards). Although it may be more expensive upfront, pressure-treated wood provides great protection against wood rot.

Keep your deck dry

Wood rot is caused by fungus in moist environments. Although your deck is outdoors and exposed to the elements, there are many sealants that work well and are simple to apply. Apply the sealant slowly, making sure to cover every area of the deck, including between the boards. Apply the sealant again as needed. Before you begin to build, prime and paint all lumber. After cutting boards to length, apply primer to the cut ends. The cut ends act as a sponge to absorb moisture. Apply a final coat after the framework has been completed.

Pay attention to trouble spots. Sometimes water can collect around the joint where your deck connects to your fascia board. You cantilever your deck board about one inch above the existing fascia. This will limit the areas where water, dirt, and other debris can get in.

Gaps are excellent

Deck owners like the boards to be snugly pressed against each other. It creates a solid floor but can also encourage wood rot spores. Deck boards laid close together can trap water and debris, which can lead to wood rot and other problems.

Allowing a slight gap between boards makes it easier to seal any trouble spots. It will also allow water and other debris to pass through the gaps, instead of lingering and inviting wood decay. You can also read the manufacturer’s recommendations on spacing for composite if you decide to go with greater spacing between your boards.

You can preserve your deck by using the right wood for your project, keeping it dry, and adding more space between boards. This will make it easier to prevent wood rot and would not cost you that big amount to hire a roofing contractors MA. This will allow you to spend more time enjoying the many things that make a deck a wonderful addition to your home: reading outside, barbecuing with family members, and watching the sunset with your spouse.

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