Is Getting A Home Inspection Important Before Purchasing A Home?

Should I spend the money to get a home inspection before purchasing a new home? This question is asked more by clients who are really tight on the money they have to spend toward the purchase. I always stress that a home inspection report will help them make an informed decision about whether they can truly afford to buy the home. So as a rule I always recommend that we get expert advice about the true condition of any home the buyer is considering purchasing,

Home inspections are very beneficial, some clients think they are a little pricey but you have to look at the big picture. Would you not rather spend $500-$600 in inspection to find out if you really want to spend 100’s of 1000’s of dollars on a home? If the inspector finds major problems you can get out of the contract and save yourself a lot of money by not purchasing a (money pit). If the inspector only finds minor and maintenance issues you can look at the home inspection as a fact-finding (honey do list) that you will spend the first year working on to make sure that you are protecting you investment. All in all I think home inspections are a very good investment in your investment and your satisfaction as a new home owner.

Most Realtor’s have had a lot of experience working with home inspectors. You want to make sure you choose the right inspector for your home. Make sure they have had the professional training associated with home sale inspections and also make sure they will give you a comprehensive report of their finding. A professional home inspection will allow you to buy your new home with the confidence that you are making a wise investment..

A good home inspector will look at all the major components of the home. If access is available they should even inspect the attic space and crawl space of the home. Most good inspectors will take between 3-4 hours to complete an inspection many will give you the written report immediately after the inspection with pictures of areas of concern.

Now the best benefit of having a home inspection is that now you have written proof to take back to the seller about the true condition of the home. Here is you opportunity to either re-negotiate the sale price of get the seller to make some repairs before the closing.

Finding a home inspector can be stressful.

The inspection report is the only unbiased, expert opinion on the condition of your home. A home inspection can prevent costly damage or illness due to moisture, toxic mold, pests, etc.

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